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Descendants of Marcus Lecin

<< Marcus Lecin
(b. 8/23/22, Norwich, CT)
married << Thea Y Weiner
(b. 12/25/26, Manhattan, NY; married 8/29/48 in Bronx, NY)

Michael Jay
(b. 2/18/52, Jersey City, NJ; d. 8/3/58, Jersey City, NJ)
David Zvi
(b. 3/14, Jersey City, NJ)
Matthew Jody  >>
(b. 8/8, Jersey City, NJ)

Descendants of Matthew Lecin

Matthew Jody Lecin married << Marla Susan Selinger
(b. 11/19, Pittsburgh, PA; married 11/2/85, Lakewood, NJ)

Samuel Reuben Lecin
(b. 12/25, New Brunswick, NJ)