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Jacob Polinsky
(1788-1897 in Mizczericz, Russia)
married unknown

Moishe Baer Polinsky
(b. 1829, Russia, d. 1926, Chicago)
married Basha

Ida Polinsky Saul Polinsky Becky Polinsky Herman Polinsky Joseph Polinsky >>


Moishe Baer Polinsky
(b. 1829, Russia, d. 1926, Chicago)
married Leah (second wife - date unknown)

Solomon Powell Herman Powell Rebecca Powell Ida Powell

Descendants of Joseph Polinsky

Joseph Polinsky
(b. 1865, Poland; d. 1951, Brooklyn, NY)
married Sara Ebandulla
(b. France, d. Poland, married in Russia)

Abraham Polinsky >> Bessie Zelda Polinsky >> Jacob Polinsky >> Samuel Polinsky >> Anna Polinsky >>

Decendants of Abraham Polinsky

<< Abraham Polinsky
(b. 7/21/1895, Russia; d. 1965, NJ)
married Ida Rebecca Baskind
(b. about 2/14/1898, Haboschina, Russia; d. 9/2/1987, Westwood, NJ)

Eugene (Gene Paul) Polinsky >> Sara Polinsky >> Lillian Polinsky >> Hilda Polinsky >> Ruth Polinsky >>

Descendants of Bessie Zelda Polinsky

<<  Bessie Zelda Polinsky
(b. 11/21/1897, Russia; d. 1988, NJ)
married Solomon Lecin
(b. 1894, Russia; d. 1951, NYC)

Irving Lecin >> Marcus Lecin >> Stella Lecin >> Lillian Lecin >>

Descendants of Jacob Polinsky (b. 1898)

<< Jacob Polinsky
(b. 1898, Russia)
married Lillian Storch
(b. ?; d. 1978, NJ; married 1924)

Albert Seymour Polinsky >> Murray Polinsky >>

Descendants of Samuel Polinsky

<< Samuel Polinsky
(b. 1899, Russia; d. ?)
married Pauline Allen
(b. ?; d. ?; married 1925)

Bernard Polinsky >> Shirley (Helen) Polinsky >> Earle Polinsky >> Harvey Polinsky >>

Descendants of Anna Polinsky

<< Anna Polinsky
(b. 1903, Russia; d. 1973, NY)
married Morris Katchen
(b. ?; d. 1973, NY; married 1926)

Sara Katchen >>