Gold "Filigree" work


It took me a long time to decide how a Passover Seder plate should look.  Finally, I started working with my gold gelly pen, and it turned out really well!  While the final result looks quite complex, it was not difficult to draw at all.

I cut the large blue circle using a dinner plate as a template.  Then I traced two concentric gold circles at the border (more dinner plates).


I freehanded a wavy line between the two circles.  (It's not perfect, but it looks fine.)

In the outer portion of the waves I drew tiny circles.  Then I put white dots in each of the circles, and gold dots in the inner portion of the waves.

For each small round picture I used the same technique, except I used gold dots both inside and outside of the tiny circles.

The star is cut from white paper, with a gold border colored on the edge.